Why Google Virtual Tour Is the Need of the Hour for Businesses!

For any business, it is important to offer something innovative and engaging with their current and prospective customers/ clients. It can help them in staying ahead of their competitors. Businesses brainstorm and hire consulting firms to come up with unparalleled marketing and promotional strategies. They also hire content creators for startling online presence. 

If you are also striving to create a niche for yourself and outperform average businesses, it’s time to take resort to Google Virtual Tour. In this digital era, one can visit a distant location virtually with the help of a few clicks on their Smartphone. And it can be done for free from Google. Virtual reality is connected to how people search, discover, and engage online. 

Before finding out how Google Virtual Tour can benefit your business, let’s understand what Google Virtual Tour is. A Google virtual tour is the simulation of a location or property, composed of a sequence of images by a street view trusted professional/ agency. The 360 images produced are added to the Google My Business listing as in interconnected virtual walking tour. It will be visible with your other location information. This will enable the visitor to get a better idea of what the establishment looks like. 

Here’s a look at the benefits of Google Virtual Tour for your business:

  • Improved content for the listing

An optimized listing is the one with quality content which is more than just the business name and basic information. For better ranking, you need high-quality professional content and interaction. On the Google My Business listing, you have various options for adding content such as website, posts, photographs, customer reviews, videos, and 360 photos or street view trusted Google Virtual Tour. 

Adding a virtual tour will increase customer engagement and the time they spent on your page. People will spend time walking around your property virtually which will be significantly more as compared to the time they spend on scrolling through images and text detail. It offers close to the real look and feel of your business. These views are considered as positive organic interaction with your listing by Google which ultimately helps with getting higher ranking on Google. 

  • Show what words fail to describe

Your property must be full of artwork and amazing ambience which words fail to describe. If you can’t express something in words, 360 photos can do justice. The virtual tour will enable the customers to immediately get a feel of your property and its ambience. They will be able to enjoy the visual delight on their own. It’s kind of technology which makes them feel as if they are actually inside the property. The immersive technology makes it more real as they can move in various directions. People can zoom in and see every detail clearly.

  • Helps prospective customers to find your easily

When the virtual tour is capture, the virtual tour professional will begin with a point or two of the storefront as the beginning of the tour. If it is taken close enough to the street viewpoint, the image can become new thumbnail of the listing on Google Maps. This will help the customer in getting the exact look of your storefront when they navigate to your location.

  • A unique way of interacting with customers

Virtual reality is going to become a part of our lives in the coming future. It helps people in medical technology as well as in education and travelling. Future has umpteen scopes for virtual reality but the one that we have right now helps to specifically connect with the audience. The Google virtual tour allows the customer to get an inside experience of your property. People can interact and feel connected with your space easily with the help of a Smartphone. 

  • Count of the views

Did you know that along with all amazing features, Google My Business listing offers the ability to track how many times your photos are clicked on and looked at. You get access to GMB Dashboard with GMB listing. You can not only manage the listing here but also see the views you have got on the photos. You will also get statistics on impressions, clicks to website, calls, or clicks for directions. These indicators help in figuring out how people are engaging with the listing.

  • The Google Virtual Tour can be used in other platforms

You can use the virtual tour at other places by sharing them outside of Google. The tours can be added to your website just like a YouTube Video by copy-pasting the embedded code into website block and it will appear in just about any context you like. You can also use various parts of videos on different pages. 

It can also be posted on a social media platform like Facebook. Social media is a good way of staying connected with the audience and virtual tour can help in encouraging them to visit your property first virtually and then in-person.you can also re-connect with old customers by sending them a link to your virtual tour.

  • It lasts forever

If you don’t delete it, Google will host it for an indefinite period. If you come to think about it, it is a one-time investment and the cost of photography and production is comparatively inexpensive. 

  • If you have it, flaunt it!

One of the many benefits of the virtual tour is that you can highlight the beauty or excellence of your property/ business and attract eye-balls. If you have a well-kept store, beautiful ambience, or spacious apartment, you can improve your chances of conversion by showing them off. This will make the customers feel as if they are actually walking inside your property. The lead conversion will ultimately benefit in increasing revenue. 

Just like you love to have a thorough look of any article or gadget that you buy online, the virtual tour offers assurance and reflects the authenticity of your business. And hence it can be rightly said that these tours are the need of the hour for every business!